Our Dedicated Solutions

Over the years, ASI Solutions has developed a strong expertise in providing tailor-made import/export solutions for industries such as retail, FMCG, Textile, Food and Wines. We thus offer comprehensive packages, from origin to your final customer's doorstep, specifically designed for your project.

Sell your textile product to Chinese consumers!

ASI Solutions acts as a F&B distributor for the wholesale and Horeca sector.

Eager to open your shop on Chinese E-Commerce platforms?

Interested in importing your food & beverage products in China?



Our Range of Services

Our global trade solutions make your Chinese import/export project easy.

ASI Solutions' scope starts when your third party logistic service provider stops. Whether you want to sell in China or to export products manufactured in Asia, we provide you the solution you need:

  • ASI Solutions manages your international development on your behalf: from Supply Chain & Global Trade solutions, up to logistics.
  • We ensure your Domestic Representation.
  • We optimize your flows from procurement to your final customer.

We cover it all… and even more!

Feasibility check

Import feasibility check

Market compliance check (testing based on GB standards)

Cost simulation (we calculate your final cost per item up to your final customer)

Importing process

Use our import/export license

Sea freight/air freight thanks to our sister company ASI Logistics

We can manage customs clearance on your behalf

Warehousing services


Inventory management

Order preparation, pick & pack

WMS, OMS systems

E-commerce facilities

Domestic distribution

Coverage of the whole mainland

Trucking & express

Invoicing in RMB

Invoice in RMB with VAT

Book keeping, banking & reporting on behalf of client

Payment, duty & tax

Payment collection and settlement with overseas suppliers

Domestic tax & duty management

Fiscal domestic representation

Relationship management

Thanks to our presence on-site at origin and destination, we manage the relations with local partners on your behalf

Learn more about both our Global Trade Management and Integrated Supply Chain Solutions below. Together they form a one-stop-shop solution enabling you to export your products to China in simplicity.

Importing into China

Discover why working with ASI Solutions makes it easier to import/export from/to China and manage your on-site operations:

  • Import Feasibility;
  • Market Compliance;
  • Import/Export License;
  • Customs Clearance;
  • Overall Relationship Management;
  • Cost Simulation.



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Operations Management

ASI Solutions offers you the adequate services to import/export your products to/from China, from origin to final customer's doorstep, we handle it all thanks to our integrated partner ASI Logistics: 

  • Transport;
  • Customs Clearance;
  • Warehousing;
  • Pick & Pack;
  • Invoicing;
  • Payment Management;
  • Domestic Tax & Duty Management;
  • Fiscal & Domestic Representation.

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