Many businesses struggle to find reliable suppliers and waste precious time and resources on sample revisions. The result? Frustration, delays, and potential brand damage.
However, there is a solution to ensure product quality: respecting some key rules when sourcing!

China alone accounts for 28.4% of the global manufacturing output.

Sourcing products from Asia seems like a no-brainer, with its vast manufacturing capabilities and cost-effective solutions. But the real challenge? Ensuring product quality.

Many businesses struggle to find reliable suppliers and waste precious time and resources on sample revisions. The result? Frustration, delays, and potential brand damage.


Let’s not sugarcoat it – sourcing quality products in Asia can be a minefield. From language barriers to cultural differences and not knowing the local best practices and platforms, finding reliable suppliers can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Add to that the pressure to meet tight deadlines and the ever-present risk of quality issues, and you’ve got yourself a real headache.

Let’s debunk a common misconception however: Asia is not synonymous with low quality. In fact, Asia has some of the world’s most advanced manufacturing facilities, producing goods for renowned global brands. It did not become the factory of the world for no reason, and decades later, it developed only has deepened its prominence, expertise, and competitive advantage in that regard. 

However, the key lies in knowing how to navigate procurement effectively.


Do Your Homework:Dive deep into the local market, suppliers, and manufacturing processes. Use local platforms like in China and be present on-site, go to events, meet your newfound contacts as nothing replaces real life to get recommendations and ensure the reliability of the people you will work with. In the end, it’s all about being in the right place at the right time!

Selecting the Right Supplier: Don’t just settle for any supplier. Look for manufacturers that specialize in your product niche even if it means restarting the process from scratch if you decide to expand your product range. They not only understand your product inside out but also bring a level of expertise that can’t be beaten.

Time is Money: Time is of the essence in sourcing. Streamline your sample evaluation process by providing detailed feedback upfront. This not only minimizes revisions but also accelerates production. Plus, it shows your supplier that you mean business.

Comprehensive Quality Check: When evaluating samples, don’t just focus on looks. Test the functionality and durability of the product to ensure it meets your standards. Consider hiring a third-party quality assurance service for an unbiased assessment.

Building Supplier Bonds:Building long-term relationships with suppliers is crucial. Visit them in person, take them out for a meal, and show appreciation for their hard work. Remember, a happy supplier is a reliable supplier.

Quality Hiccups:Despite your best efforts, quality issues may arise. If a high number of defects are discovered during a pre-shipment quality inspection, don’t hesitate to start over. It may seem like a setback, but it’s better than compromising on quality.


the secret to streamline your procurement in Asia

The overall sourcing process, when started from scratch can take about 10 to 12 months, and we know that can seem like an eternity in a world where demand and competition change overnight. 

ASI Solutions was born in 2008 with the mission to streamline businesses’ operations in Asia. How so?

We provide a complete range of both Sourcing & Trading Solutions and Business Process Outsourcing Solutions. With 15 years of expertise, reliable network of businesses and partners, we are dedicated to ease your operations and help you optimize them both time-wise and cost-wise! 

Our Sourcing & Trading Solutions: 
Sampling & design
Sourcing & production
Logistics & import-export
IT Support & system integration
Financial management
Value-added services

The Benefits: 
We simplify the import process
We handle suppliers’ selection & communication on your behalf

We ensure product compliance

We reduce the number of intermediaries

You enjoy the access to our network, pre-selected list of reliable suppliers and our 15 years of expertise and knowledge of regulations, local customs, platforms, etc.