ASI Group Sending 5,000 Masks to Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital

The personnel of  Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital receiving ASI Group's package

In order to contribute to the Wuhan's population's, medical personnel's and authorities' efforts to combat the Covid-19, ASI Group sent two packages of masks last week. They have been delivered to the Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital, an institution of particular importance given its purpose.

为了支持武汉人民、医护人员和当地政府对抗击新型冠状病毒所作出的贡献和努力,ASI 集团上本周初寄送了两箱口罩给武汉当地一个特别重要的机构——武汉百佳妇产医院,以实际行动践行社会责任与担当。


A total of 5,000 masks - 2,500 provided by ASI Logistics and 2,500 provided by ASI Solutions - have been received by the personnel on March 11th.

3月11日,医院的医护人员共收到5000 个口罩,其中2500个由ASI集团下ASI物流提供,2500个由ASI集团下泛景贸易提供。


The masks sent are in compliance with the recommendations applied to the medical facilities. They protect wearers from the splashes and sprays. It is essential for the medical personnel to be equipped accurately as they are in daily contact with potential or confirmed infected people, they also work in daily contact with fragile people who need to be protected from any form of threat to their health.



This product is thus detrimental in such a context, medias have even reported some US hospitals having to close due to the shortage. As such, we are pleased our humble donation can help those in the frontline to be safe while preventing further expansion of the epidemic.



Before the epidemic, China was manufacturing 20 million masks per day according to the state media Xinhua. In the aftermath of the outbreak, the production has been boosted and some carmakers have even been enlisted to increase the manufacturing capacities (Bloomberg).



We hope that these measures ensure the safety of all Chinese civilians and medical workers.


ASI Group team is wishing the best to all the people directly or indirectly affected by the virus not only in China but all over the world!

ASI 集团的每一位成员,祝愿在中国,乃至全球所有直接或间接感染该病毒的人,早日康复。