ASI Solutions Joins OSCI Network

ASI Solutions is now part of the French OSCI (Opérateurs Spécialisés du Commerce International) business federation.

OSCI is representing 150 export consulting companies, and more than 2000 trading companies, that contribute to more than 120 billion Euros of export annually.

Companies belonging to OSCI are sharing a strong field expertise overseas and a culture of results that make them natural business partners. Their services are part of the general framework of the French support system for exports and provide SMEs with a unique approach to export. These operators are able to support, over time, companies on complex industrial projects in difficult countries and far from French production areas.

The membership of these operators in the OSCI guarantees their clients a professionalism recognized by proven references and a business ethic affirmed by signing a code of ethics.

The OSCI actively contributes to the promotion of its members through different actions: the OSCI manages the French collective agreement of import-export, inspires the initial training in International Trade, promotes indirect export, etc.

ASI Solutions, sharing the same values of OSCI, decided from this year on to be an active partner of this organization. Our teams are happy to contribute to the development of French companies’ internationalization, especially around China, Vietnam and Cambodia.