How to Import Your Foreign Product into China: A Visual Guide

Starting your business of foreign products in China can be a hassle. From exporting, licensing, passing customs, to selling… The tasks are never-ending!

ASI Solutions has been providing its expertise on importing into China for more than 10 years now. We handle everything from origin to your final customer’s doorstep. Our aim? Make managing your operations easier, for you to concentrate on what matters!

Why Is It Worth Taking the Leap?

A Quick Overview

What Are the Steps?

A Quick Overview

Before Exporting to China

Make sure your product can be imported. The products are divided into 3 categories: prohibited, restricted and permitted goods. Apart from products whom prohibition is obvious (explosives, arms, foods, medicines and other articles coming from disease-stricken areas) some items considered more common are also submitted to restrictions. For example raw materials for plastic, polyester, raw materials for chemical fibers, cotton, etc. They require quota and licenses.
As such, it is essential to check if your product can be imported and under which conditions in accordance with the Chinese legislation.

It is mandatory to check if your product complies with the GB (国标, Guóbiāo) standards. These standards serve as basis for testing the products and, depending on their prefix code (GB, GB/T, GB/Z), they are identified as mandatory or voluntary. While 85% are optional, we still encourage you to follow them anyway as it can enhance the brand of your product. Even though deriving from the ISO norms, the rules are stricter when it comes to products such as edible ones, cosmetics, or when they have an impact on the safety.
Complying with the GB standards means going through testing (in a certified laboratory in China), and using a compliant labelling. For more information on this topic, check here!



Breaking Down the Export Process

with ASI Solutions

What Can We Do for You?

  • Regulation advice: we are experts in Chinese, and also Vietnamese, regulations. We are able to advise you in order to tailor your export strategy.
  • Resources and information: we provide you with the resources and information you need thanks to our tools and experts as to guarantee you a successful implantation.
  • Logistics: working with us means you have access to all our infrastructures and services in order to guarantee a qualitative door-to-door service using our licenses (import/export) in China, for B2C and B2B.
  • Distribution: ASI Solutions is also a distributor specialized in Fashion, Cosmetics, and F&B for the wholesale and Horeca sectors. As such, we often offer different collaboration methods for the distribution. We provide Supply Chain & Financing services to help you open new sales channels and assist you on your long-term development in China. We finally can directly purchase your products..
  • E-Commerce: E-Commerce being booming in China, many companies use online selling as their preferred choice. We offer our clients the opportunity to work with our E-Commerce partners, which are among the most recognized in their field.
  • Communication: take advantage of a network of experienced partners to administrate the social networks of your company in China.
  • Administrative: we are strong of a solid regulatory expertise, we accompany you for your administrative needs.
  • Finance: we help you manage your financial operation in China.

Work with an experienced facilitator to make launching your business in China a success!