What You Need To Know About Managing Your Chinese Operations

Market Compliance

Any product imported to China or which is sold in China needs to comply with the GB Standards (Guobiao 国标 Standards).

Specific Labelling

Labeling is one of the major reasons for non-compliance reports, leading to customers complaints and importing issues. One thus need to rely on someone with great expertise to ensure compliance.

Legislation Changes Often

It can be hard to stay updated with the latest regulations and requirements when one has do deal with a business' daily operations. As such, having a local partner managing these questions on your behalf is the best way to export light-heartedly.

Network Is Essential in China

Guanxi (关系), which can be translated by "relationship", is the most important concept when it comes to doing business in China. That is the reason why having a local partner is essential since it enables you to benefit from its network.


Our Range Of Solutions For You to Export To China

Having a local partner who is used to dealing with import /export regulations, on-site operations, and domestic representation, is key, since it enables you to focus on your on-site strategy, and facilitates the process, saving you time and money. Our aim is to help you find the simplest way to manage your operations in China.

We are an intermediary, an importer, an exporter, an agent, a local partner, and even more.

Import Feasibility

First step is to check if the product can be imported into China, and suggest a suitable solution.

Market Compliance

As to obtain Chinese compulsory certificate, your product then must undergo product testing based on Chinese GB Standards.

Use Our Import/Export License

ASI Solutions can play the role of the importer for you to be able to sell your products on the Chinese market.

Customs Clearance

We can manage the Customs Clearance at origin and arrival.

Overall Relationship Management

Thanks to our presence on-site in China, we manage the relations with your local partners on your behalf.

Cost Simulation

Know what is your final cost per item up to your potential buyer.