ASI Solutions at SIAL Shanghai 2019

ASI Solutions’ team attended the 20th edition of SIAL Shanghai to introduce its global supply chain solutions for Food and Beverage products to existing and potential partners. .

From May 16th until May 19th 2019, Asia’s biggest trade show gathered 4,300 exhibitors, taking place at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre and covering the 17 Halls of the exhibition center. It attracted 117,595 professionals to see products from all around the world. SIAL Shanghai represents a unique benchmark of Food and Beverages in Asia . French, Italian, Russian products… Every country is represented under its national booth and shows its willingness to expand overseas.Among others, wine, meat, dairy and refined products were presented, as well as services such as retail and hospitality actors.

Many business meeting and insightful discussions have been shared with our partners. We were happy to meet you, especially for those who are not used to come to China and have been discovering this country and its market on this occasion. Thanks to SIAL, interesting new projects with strong potential were launched.

Selling your F&B products in China might be challenging, especially when one is unfamiliar with the process. With its 10-year experience in China, ASI Solutions is your ideal partner for expanding and managing your international operations. We cover every step, from origin to your final customer’s doorstep.


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ASI Solutions, DIM’s Key Partner for Expanding to Chinese Online Market


On September 12th, DIM hosted its brand launch party in the heart of Shanghai, a great opportunity for ASI Solutions to look back on the arrival of the famous French company on the Chinese online market and how ASI Solutions made it happen.

DIM is a famous French textile brand, producing tights as well as underwear for men, and women. It started its activities in 1953 and has continued ever since to promote freedom of movement and spirit for its customers.

The brand decided to expand its activities in China, more precisely targeting Chinese online consumers. In 2017, more than 533 million Chinese people had purchased goods online, making Chinese E-Commerce platforms the place to be.

A question remained: how to do so? And this unique question indeed hided several:

  • How to open a shop on these platforms?
  • How to export their products to China?
  • How to manage the sending of the items ordered online?
  • How to reach Chinese market effectively?

ASI Solutions became DIM’s strategic partner to penetrate Chinese market and manage their operations until their final Chinese customers’ doorstep.

First we, at ASI Solutions, offered its services for the logistics part required by selling goods in China, importing the products on DIM’s behalf and stocking them in our warehouses. Our system enables us to answer the demands of selling online i.e. order preparation, express delivery, etc.

Yet, ASI Solutions goes beyond what a logistics services provider does. As we did for DIM, we provide P&L analysis and coordinate the operations with the Tmall Partner (TP), which oversaw the settlement of DIM store on Tmall (one of Chinese top E-Commerce platforms, its parent company Alibaba owning 50% of the market) and helped the company in designing and implementing its marketing strategy (including the brand launch party last Tuesday).

Finding a reliable partner for your Chinese expansion is key, as brands that already are famous in their home country often face challenges when it comes to seduce the Chinese consumers who’s tastes, consumption habits, language, and culture are different. Same goes for the logistics part, the import and domestic representation: one needs a partner that is experienced in the field and will be able to handle the process from origin to destination.

At ASI Solutions, we make your Chinese expansion happen!