Curious about how to recognize big buyers? How to ensure they are reliable? How to send convincing proposals? And how to develop long-lasting business relationships with big buyers?
In this comprehensive guide, ASI Solutions answers all your questions and gives you useful tips for your business to thrive!

Wondering how to not only spot big buyers but also turn them into long-term partners? In a dynamic landscape where businesses constantly seek opportunities and partnerships, ASI Solutions shared invaluable insights at the recent “Game Breaking · Reshaping: 2024 Road to Foreign Trade Breakthrough” (破局 · 重塑: 2024外贸突围之路) conference hosted by The focus of the conference was on navigating the complexities of working with big buyers, addressing key questions that businesses often grapple with.

Working with big buyers is not just about prestige, but a strategic move for vendors as the chosen way to accelerate your growth, upgrade market credibility, and acquire a steady revenue stream.

Curious about how to recognize big buyers? How to ensure they are reliable? How to send convincing proposals? And how to develop long-lasting business relationships with big buyers?

In this comprehensive guide, ASI Solutions answers all your questions and gives you useful tips for your business to thrive!


What Are Big Buyers?

At the heart of successful foreign trade lies a profound understanding of what constitutes a big buyer. Big buyers are distinguished by their financial stability, reputation, the significant market share they own and, subsequently, the sizeable volumes they handle. Often possessing established notoriety, they operate within specialized product or geographic networks and may even boast their own brand, shops, and rely on their own brand identity.

How Do Big Buyers Find Vendors?

The spaces where big vendors find buyers are multiple. From perusing international fairs and exhibitions, to leveraging digital platforms such as Made-in-China and other B2B channels, their research extends across online portals, social media, and referrals from friends and business relations.
Furthurmore, custom data in their home countries aids in identifying majors exporters, while vigilant monitoring of products in their market and competitor channels ensures a strategic approach.

How To Identify Quality Buyers

Quality buyers can be identified through their professional communication, clear expectations, and a keen focus on having their demands immediately met. This evaluation is fortified by additional research, including credit checks through services like COFACE or SINOSURE, and meticulous preliminary audits.


Financial Health Check

Moving from identifying big buyers with potential for your business, it is important to ensure the reliability of the one(s) you have identified through a financial health check. This entails requesting financial information, consulting credit reports, and examining payment history.
These steps are pivotal in ensuring that the buyer possesses the financial capability to meet their obligations.

Communication Matters

When it comes to evaluating a buyer quality, communication emerges as a critical tool and factor. Clear and transparent communication, responsiveness, and overall professionalism are key elements testifying of a buyer’s seriousness and reliability.

Analyzing Order Patterns

Reviewing past orders is instrumental in identifying stable and consistent buyers, as well as their expectations toward vendors. You should thus analyze order patterns for any potential big buyer.


Customize Your Proposals

Once you have acquired a nuanced understanding of buyers and have evaluated their quality, potential, and order patterns, it is time to craft irresistible offers that cater to their characteristics. You should not resort to one-size-fits-all offers, instead, it is essential to tailor proposals addressing the specific pain points and requirements of the buyer you want to trade with. To present a truly compelling offer, you should design it as a balance between pricing, defined terms and conditions, and alignment with the buyer’s needs.

Emphasize Your Unique Value Proposition

Moreover, we emphasize the importance of addressing the buyer’s specific needs and highlighting your unique value propositions. This involves not only competitive pricing but also sustainable practices that resonate with the buyer’s expectations.

Establishing Clarity

The final step of making an irresistible offer lies in establishing clarity. Clearly defining payment terms and conditions ensures shared expectations and fosters mutual understanding on both sides of the transactions.

maintaining and developing the business relationship

Nurture Long-Term Connections

Consistent communication, building relationships with key decision-makers, and staying connected through regular updates and conversations form the cornerstone of maintaining and further developing business relationships. This strategy is essential to ensure the sustainability of the contract you have with big buyers.

Deliver Excellence

Ensure consistency in delivering high-quality products or services and address quality issues promptly. The relationship betwen buyer and vendor only stays sustainable and later flourishes when both parties are committed to maintining and enhancing product standards.

Remain Flexible

Navigating the nuances of business relationships involves being adaptable to buyers’ changing needs and offering solutions to the challenges and market evolutions they are meeting. Your flexibility will not only be perceived as a testament of your commitment to the partnership’s success, but will also enable you to stay relevant in their product mix.

Continuous Improvement

We recommend you establish a feedback mechanism with your selected buyers, and that you proactively and swiftly act on these feedbacks and address the potential issues they raise. More than a vendor, you will thus act as a true partner for your buyer.

Wining and working with big buyers in sustainable manner requires a comprehensive understanding of a buyer’s needs, clear and tailored communication and proposals, and a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement.

At ASI Solutions, we understand these problematics and are committed to simplifying your business endeavors from, to and within Asia. For the past 16 years, and through our Sourcing & Trading Solutions, we have successfully accompanied numerous companies in finding reliable business partners, both big buyers and vendors.

Our solutions enable us to:
Allow our customers to rely on our expertize in handling and optimizing their international operations, from supply chain management to local and international representation.
Provide our customers with an expert local partner, with an extensive network, knowledge of the local practices, experience in dealing with import/export regulations, and the capacity to deal with your local business partners in the fittest manner.
Optimize our customers’ operations and flows from their warehouse to the buyer, and from procurement to the final customer in the most qualitative and efficient manner.